Permanent Impairment Ratings

What is a Permanent Impairment Rating?

A Permanent Impairment Rating, also known as a Permanent Disability Rating, tells the degree of damage caused by your occupational disease or work injury. It tells the severity of the permanent impairment, ultimately determining the amount of monetary compensation to which a patient is entitled.

What is Permanent Impairment?

If you were injured at work and an injury permanently impacts your physical or mental condition in any way, regardless of degree, you have a permanent impairment. This does not automatically entitle you to a monetary award; that depends on the state in which you live or work. New Hampshire permanent impairment information is here.

When is Permanent Impairment determined?

Once you have reached “maximum medical improvement” – the point at which additional care will not improve your condition – you have permanent impairment. At that point, you will need an Independent Medical Examination to determine your disability rating. Dr. Goumas is experienced in performing these exams, particularly when your personal physician might not be comfortable doing so.

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