Medical Chart Review

Why a Medical Chart Review?

Worker’s compensation, disability, and other cases involving the physical impairment of a patient are all complex. They require significant time and attention, often from a second set of eyes. Prime Consulting is able to perform a medical chart review and determine critical medical outcomes quickly.

How do Medical Chart Reviews impact court cases?

By sharing all of the information about a patient’s medical history, as well as services provided to them, medical chart reviews can help attorneys understand the breadth of a patient’s course of care. These reviews can also help juries understand the facts of a case, if needed.

Why use Prime Consulting for a Medical Chart Review?

Prime Consulting can help:

  • Assess the treatment that has been given to a patient;
  • Determine if fraud has been perpetrated;
  • Recognize issues with billing;
  • Understand if services and/or treatments were appropriate;
  • Locate missing information.

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