Independent Medical Examinations

Why an IME (Independent Medical Examination)?

If you have been injured and are making a worker’s compensation claim, disability claim, personal injury claim, tort claim, or any other insurance claim, you may need an independent medical examination (IME). This is where a doctor (in this case, Dr. Doug Goumas) performs an independent examination on you in order to provide a report to an insurance company or a court of law.

How does it work?

Schedule an appointment with our scheduler by calling (603) 624-6859. We typically see patients in our Concord office on Fridays from 8-11 AM. Once you have an appointment, you’re ready to go. Please arrive a few minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.

What happens during an IME?

As an independent evaluator, Dr. Goumas will ask you questions about your medical history as well as how the injury occurred. The records reviewed are provided to him prior by the representative that arranged the evaluation at the Prime Consulting office. These records are sent to the office for review prior to the visit, but he will also ask for your account.

Dr. Goumas will also perform a physical evaluation and tests as needed to determine the extent of your injury. Ultimately, he will generate an independent report from the medical examination and will address the questions that were supplied to him prior to the evaluation. This report will be sent to your insurance company, worker’s compensation insurance company, employer, or wherever you have deemed appropriate. This is an independent evaluation and will offer no treatment and will only result in providing the treating physician with recommendations.

What should I bring to an IME?

It is important that you bring with you any X-Ray, bone scan (DEXA), CT scan, or MRI disc for this to be a complete evaluation. It is also essential than your doctor’s office send your medical records to us prior to your IME so Dr. Goumas can review this important information.

Contact our scheduler at (603) 624-6859 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment today!